Friday, April 15, 2011


Why is Tiny Bird closing?? Haven't been online in weeks.'

So so sad have so many hairs from there :(

Friday, March 11, 2011

Howdy All!!

A long time huh?

So this is Amie now. I changed my shape some time back and I like it but I think it makes me look bitchy LOL.

Very busy rl lately, got a full time library job woot woot. So that takes up most of my time.

Anyway just wanted to say Hi and let you know I'm still lurking around the blogs. I may be getting a new computer soon so might have more time for SL since the laptop won't do SL (well at least I think so don't you need fancy graphics card?)

Love you all!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Second Life...

Ahh another note....

I know I haven't been online for a while b/c well I moved in w/ the SO and been doing other things. I have been logging on at least once a week. I think before this we had a pretty good relationship I was a daily logging in person for over a year and only stopped b/c my computer decided it wanted to die.

Anyway is me not logging on the reason you are slowly making my inventory disappear? First it was my shape THAT I WAS WEARING ok fine it was the skirt shape I molded but hmm I had been wearing it for months. Then the other day my favorite boots were missing and now today the hair I WAS WEARING is missing in every shade except the one I was wearing. Umm hello you think I enjoy what I'm wearing. why can't you make the ugly freebie clothes that are still in my inventory somewhere disappear. but NOOOOOOOO. It's bad enough none of my hair seems to look nice on me anymore (horrendous bald spots everywhere) but know things are going poof.

I'm clearing my cache hopefully that will work b/c I'm sure there's other things missing that I don't know :(

You are making things easier though for me to go f* you!

Banana hun where have you been? I still read blogs and love yours but no posts in forever! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


That's right this day deserves a caps title.


So yeah and I spent most of my 2nd year away from the game and I'm not on it much anymore, it just happened I was on today and remembered.

last year on my rez day I was working at Franks and living in my cabin that I decorated for fall/halloween. I met a few great friends and was having fun.

I wonder what the average time people spend in sl.

LOL such a downer, here's a picture of me today on my 2nd rez day. I was going to take a pretty picture somewhere in sl but I kept crashing so it's my house.
Hot right I know, this is the only hair that seems to rez on me. I have popped on here and there the past week to do the season's hunt and the cute hair from Tiny Bird will not rez on me for some reason, who the hell knows why.

So all in all a rather uneventful rez day for Amie.

I still remember my first day in SL-getting asked by a guy if his tattoos looked awesome, getting for asked for 'the sex' by some dude who didn't speak english, dressing in awful awful clothes that I scored for free, hanging out on Job Island getting free lindens from dancing and stalking a money tree-ahh fun fun.

In the early days I fell in love w/ Icing and my free shoes from Tesla, saved for some glasses and went to some really great events involving libraries (the whole reason why I joined sl). I went to music shows at the Gaslight and danced at Phat Cat's.

I don't regret one moment I've had in SL and have loved everyone I have met :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little update

Haven't been in SL much lately. I figure I might as well just keep my rent until I run out of money in my account. I would recommend to all noobs to get a job in sl, if you are a cheap ass like me you will be swimming in the lindens. Sure I buy clothes every once in a while but freebies and dollarbies are a favorite of mine. I really only spend money on hair. It's how you live your SL I guess. Anyway from working at Franks for about 8 months I was swimming in Lindens and since I rent places where 400 was my max weekly I saved up a whole bunch so now I'm job free and don't have to put rl amie money into SL for now at least.

Anyway rl update I bought a car (first big purchase!), am moving in w/ the significant other and don't really have much time for SL. The comp. at the S.O. house doesn't like SL or haven't dl'd it mostly (maybe the S.O. doesn't like mostly :P) So since I spend 4 days here and there there I don't log in a lot. Plus I found a new game to be addicting to-SUPER POKE PETS. It's the stupidest thing ever, lame really but it keeps me occupied. The S.O. calls it the lame turtle game. Google it if you want to-spp not lame turtle game although something may pop up.

So where does this leave amie...well hell yeah I'm logging in for Belleza gifts b/c as I said earlier I'm super cheap and those skins are expensive :) Ivalde gifts are lovely, if Free Speerit ever comes back or Alchemy (does anyone remember that store, cutest things there), or ETD LOL I'll be the first there. Gotta wash my clothes somewhere so the parent's computer will have SL on it still.

If sl loaded my prims nicely maybe I would play more...

Say hi if I'm online.

Take care everyone love you bunches *mwah

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I'm up against

So my rant post was number 100-woo hoo :)

So anyway here is what I look like in SL today.
Yup hot right? Grr my glasses and shoes are not rezzing my bed is funky. I liked the second viewer somewhat b/c I seemed to crash less but is this what I'm getting now. Horrible.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Second Life...

Why is there huge bald spots on my head when I wear hair that I have worn numerous times in the past so I know they don't belong there?

Why do my glasses look like I don't have a nose guard when the pictures on blogs make the glasses look normal?

Why don't my boots suddenly show my cankles when they haven't in the past 2 weeks I have been wearing them?

Why am I sticking around with you?

I downloaded 2.1 and have been having so much trouble with it. Things aren't rezzing, things look horrible, my prims suck-my rent ends in 19 days it might the end of Amie in SL. Things haven't been the same since I came back in June. I have 19 days to decide, well more than that but I just need to decide if I want to keep my house or become a log on once in a while person.

End emo post...